Ag 47

Handmade Kitchen Knives from the Silver State.

The Ag 47 line of kitchen knives is a revival of the past with a redefined style. These knives are proudly crafted in Nevada and pay homage to our region's rich history. A restyled variation of our most popular knife lines, Ag 47 knives feature a striking combination of live-edge buckeye burl and silver metallic resin.


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Town Cutler 3" bird's beak knife from Ag 47 knife line.
Stainless Steel 3" Paring Knife with Buckeye Burl Wood and Silver Resin Handle handmade by Town Cutler
6" Utility Knife - Ag 47
Town Cutler Ag 47 Curved Boning Knife
Town Cutler Ag 47 Straight Boning Knife
7" Nakiri - Ag 47
Sale price$230.00
7.5" Chopper - Ag 47
7" Chef Knife - Ag 47
8.5" Chef Knife - Ag 47
10" Chef Knife - Ag 47
Sale price$280.00
9" Bread Knife - Ag 47
Sale price$230.00
10" Slicer - Ag 47
Sale price$280.00
Town Cutler Scimitar Butcher Knife from Ag 47 Knife Line
Sale price$280.00
Town Cutler Ag 47 Angler Knife Set with curved boning knife and carving slicer knife.
Sale price$460.00
Town Cutler Ag 47 2 piece Butcher Knife Set with Straight Boning Knife and Carving Slicer Knife.
Sale price$460.00
Entremet Set - Ag 47
Sale price$350.00
Commis Set - Ag 47
Sale price$390.00
Sous Chef Set - Ag 47
The Essentials Knife Set - Ag 47
Ag 47 SayaAg 47 Saya
Sale priceFrom $34.00
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Town Cutler Ag 47 Steak Knife Set. Set of four steak knives.Town Cutler Ag 47 Steak Knife shown with Walnut storage box for set of four steak knives.