Knife Sharpening and Services

Town Cutler offers the very best in sharpening. With our knowledge and experience in proper sharpening techniques and our top of the line equipment, we will sharpen your edge to the exact degree. All sharpening is done onsite.

Sharpening and Repairs


  • Knife Sharpening $1/inch ($5 min. per knife)
  • Traditional Japanese single beveled edge $2-3/inch
  • Scissors (kitchen/paper) $10-15
  • Scissors (fabric/hair) $25-30
  • Axes $20
  • Pocket Knives $10-20
    • +$5 serrated
    • +$5 Tanto tip
  • Food Processor Blades $10-20
  • Serrated Knives $1/inch
  • Cleavers $10-20
  • Chisel $10-20 

*** Please make sure your knives are clean before bringing them in for sharpening. There is a $10 cleaning fee per knife for dirty knives (dried food, grease, etc).


  • Chips $5 and up
  • Tips $5 and up
  • Reverse Bows $5 and up

We also offer sharpening for most garden and woodworking tools. Don’t see a price for your edge? Contact us. 

Town Cutler sharpens each knife using multiple steps on Japanese Whetstones – typically starting off at 1,000 grit and finishing between 6,000 grit and 10,000 grit. After polishing on stones, the knife is brought to a razor finish on a leather strop, similar to what you might see in a high-end barbershop.  With precision whetstone sharpening each knife is sharpened differently depending on the type of steel and its use.  

Sharpening never takes longer than 24 hours.  Same-day sharpening depends on the amount business we have for the day.  If you need a rush job, please call first. On Saturdays, we offer a limited amount of same day knife sharpening at no extra charge. Knives must be dropped off by 3 pm for same day service. Offered on a first come, first served basis.


Mail-In Knife Sharpening

We offer mail-in knife sharpening for customers not local to our Chicago, San Francisco, and Reno locations. Please include the appropriate knife sharpening form when sending your knives to one of our stores for service. We recommend wrapping your knives in newspaper when sending them in for sharpening. We will not hold onto or return wrapping materials, including towels, edge guards, and knife rolls. Information on how to wrap your knives for shipment can be found here. Customers are responsible for all shipping costs. 

Chicago Mail-in Knife Sharpening Form

San Francisco Mail-in Knife Sharpening Form

Reno Mail-in Knife Sharpening Form

Other Services

Town Cutler is also a skilled and fully capable knife repair shop. We’d be happy to help you repair and restore your knives.

  • Blade Polishing - $30+ machine finish; $100+ hand polished
  • Knife Rehandling - Starting at $140
  • Blade Re-Profiling – Contact for pricing

Whatever you don’t see listed here, call or emails us.