Knife Sharpening

 Town Cutler Knives receive free lifetime sharpening.

To have your Town Cutler knives sharpened please drop them off at our Reno location or use our mail-in sharpening service.

Please note that we are only sharpening knives made by Town Cutler.

In-person Knife Sharpening

Have your Town Cutler knife sharpened locally at our Reno location. Leave your Town Cutler knives with us, and we’ll have them sharp and ready to rock the following day!

Visit our contact page to view our location and current hours. Please note that knives dropped-off on Thursday may not be available for pick-up until Monday.

Mail-in Sharpening

We offer mail-in sharpening service if you're far from our Reno location. When you’re ready to have your knives sharpened, we do our best to make the mail-in process as easy and fast as possible.

1. Complete the Mail-in Sharpening Form and include it with your shipment.

Please list the shipping address where you would like your knives returned and your contact information if we need to contact you.

You don't need to be overly detailed when listing the knives you are shipping; however, you must list the quantity so that we can confirm the amount you sent is what we receive.

2. Securely package your knives for shipment

Ensure that your knives are securely wrapped so that they will not be damaged during shipment or poke out of the box. We recommend wrapping your knives in a newspaper, bubble wrap, or other protective disposable packaging material. 

You can also view our visual guide on how to wrap your knives for mail-in sharpening service

3. Request a shipping label or use the carrier of your choice

You can request an inbound FedEx shipping label by emailing Please include your shipping address and the quantities of knives you will send for sharpening in your email. 

Alternatively, you can ship the knives using the carrier of your choice. However, we recommend obtaining a tracking number and emailing it to

Our shipping address is: Town Cutler 4850 Joule Street Suite A6 Reno, NV 89502

Please visit our contact page to view our current hours before sending your knives for sharpening.

4. Return Shipping and Payment

Sharpening of your Town Cutler knives is complimentary; however, customers are responsible for the cost of shipping. When your knives are freshly sharpened, we will email you an invoice for shipping, which you can pay online. Once your invoice is paid, we will ship your knives back with a FedEx tracking number. 

If you still have questions about our sharpening service, please contact us with any questions.