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8.5" Chef Knife - Ag 47
Thomas G. (Reno, NV, US)
Amazing Knife

The customer service with this company is second to none. I didn't realize they were closed on Fridays and I was hoping to pick up my knife before the long Memorial Day weekend. I reached out on social media and they arranged someone to meet me at the shop to pick up my knife! This knife was the talk of the BBQ. Beautiful craftsman's ship and cant believe how sharpe and light it is. I will be adding more to my collections soon.

6" Utility Knife - Tahoe Bliss
Gustavo C. (Pembroke Pines, FL, US)
Excellent knife

Perfect size

Very cool poster. Always looking for something different to hang in my kitchen. This did the trick.

My new work horse. The most used knife in my roll. Whatever station I'm in that day this knife always gets the job done, even feels super comfortable when I'm doing brunoise Shallots to butchering some beef or fish. Getting another one for sure.

7" Chef Knife - Baja
Daniel (Lexington, SC, US)
Most useful

In a house full of cooks we often have a knife fight over this amazing blade. Everyone always reaching for it. Way to go Galen!

Gorgeous knife. He loves it!! Great addition to any Chef''s kitchen.

Great knife

6" Utility Knife - Baja
Martin H. (Colorado Springs, CO, US)
exactly what I wanted

Beautiful knife, the handle is prettier in person than the pic. Arrived wicked sharp. Has a nice thin blade which is what I wanted, a knife larger than a paring knife for small prep work like herbs, garlic, shallots etc. I have extra large hands, so it does feel a bit small but not at all awkward like some others. This knife is well balanced so I can work with it easily. I'm very happy with it

8.5" Chef Knife - Baja
Matthew M. (Charlotte, NC, US)
High Quality Knife

Tyler Florence got me using town cutler knives several years ago. I find myself always reaching for this one. It has a thin blade and is well balanced. Fits my hand perfectly. Love it.

Tahoe Bliss Saya
Aallen M. (Orlando, FL, US)
Beautiful and classy covers

These beautiful and classy covers perfectly complement the the awesome craftsmanship and quality of the Tahoe Bliss line of kitchen knives.

Palette Knife - Offset - Natural Canvas Micarta
Matthew M. (Winston-Salem, NC, US)
Wood handles, plz

The micarta smells like buttfor when you get it. It rests off eventually, but you're stuck with the stink until then. Even with the prescribes handwashing and immediate drying, the fibers in the micarta are fraying at the cut and rounded edges. The edges on the handle are too severely angular in some spots. With wood, you can just smooth these spots and hit it with some board butter, but with the composite, I think it would mean wet-sanding, and then probably way more fraying to contour it any further. The blade of the spatula is still unparalleled as far as I am aware. Functionally, I love it. Aesthetically, the real wood was superior, and with the overall finish, I think the current handle scales decrease perceived value (hopefully that's just me- I still think you're nice!) while the piece is still retailing for OMG I just looked and it has increased by $8, that's hilarious. Just... know what you're buying is all.

6" Curved Boning Knife - eXo Blue
Ruth M. (Harrisburg, PA, US)
My knife

Very nice

eXo Blue Saya
Daniel D. (Chicago, IL, US)
Exp Blue is my favorite knife

Both the knife and the saya Fucking race man, are amazing. Great detail absolutely stunning. Great to use for cooking for any level chef my absolute favorite knife

Ag 47 Saya
Patti B. (Bethlehem, PA, US)
Protect your knives!

The Saya protects your knives perfectly if they are stored in a drawer. These knives are high quality and deserve to be stored properly. Not to mention customer service from this company is stellar! On a scale of 1-10 they are an 11. ❤️❤️

Beautiful and fits well

6" Utility Knife - Tahoe Bliss
O.G. (Reedley, CA, US)
Always pleased!

Well, what can I say, other than, ANOTHER great piece added to my collection!!! This is my 4th TC piece, and it isn't gonna be my last. Each knife they create is simply stunning. Plus they're super sharp, and make me enjoy my time in the kitchen. I Love TC!!!

Ag 47 Saya

Love this product! Hi quality craftsmanship!!

6" Utility Knife - Ag 47
K.D. (Fort Walton Beach, FL, US)
Amazing Customer Service

I purchased an AG47 Utility & when it arrived it had 2 slight chips on the edge. I informed customer service and they sent me a brand new knife, 2 days shipping straight to my door. The new knife is in perfect condition and I am overall extremely pleased and impressed with their care and attention to their customers. 10 out of 5 stars, honestly.

7" Chef Knife - Baja
Tyler F. (Dallas, TX, US)
Beautiful, super sharp heirloom knife

Great knife, expert craftsmanship and super happy to support a small business in Reno!

Sous Chef Set - Ag 47
Kimberly B. (Dallas, TX, US)
Ag 47 sous chef set

Don’t sleep on these knives. These are so beautiful and have changed my cooking. I would always buy pre chopped veggies and now I want to cut all my veggies myself and find meals to make in order to use my knives. They are beautiful and work so well.

Very sharp proper kitchen knife, dead useful

The craftsmanship and quality is amazing. These knives and accessories are awesome!!!!!!

6" Curved Boning Knife - Desert Dawn
Jennifer S. (Reno, NV, US)
Just as expected!

This is our second Town Cutler knife and it is just as beautiful and fabulous as the first. Easy online order and pick up (I even got a call regarding their holiday hours so they could make sure I had it before Christmas). We look forward to continuing to add to our collection!

7.5" Chopper - Ag 47
Josh (Washington, DC, US)
Beautiful, very functional knife

I had used a friend's baja chopper, so I knew what to expect as far as function and overall quality. It's a great style of knife for all kinds of basic prep tasks. The AG 47 handles are really stunning in person... Even more attractive than they look online. Feels great in the hand too. It's a knife that you just want to find uses for.

6" Utility Knife - Classic
Scott W. (Oakland, CA, US)
I own many

I’ve acquired several knives from TC over the years. Especially love the two large chef knives I got first. I have also been more than pleased with the nakiri/paring knife combo and chopper I’ve purchased since then. For the holidays, I got three offset palette knives and three 6” utility knives for my family members, one each for each of our three households. The knives have all been awesome, though I wish I had bought a 6” inch utility sooner; it is perfect for smaller meal prep for daily cooking for smaller meals for our two-person household.