Chopper Knives

The Perfect Balance of Precision and Power

Rough chopping, slicing meat, or accurate vegetable cuts, this knife will get you through it all.

Our 7.5" Chopper knives are similar to a Japanese bunka, having the thinness and balance of a chef knife but with a 2.5" blade height for straighter, more accurate cuts. Excellent for large projects and the distinct drop-point is fantastic for precision work at the tip.


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Unique knives for chefs and homecooks. Chopper knife by Town Cutler with 7.5” blade. Bunka knife shape with colorful handle and tall blade height. Handcrafted kitchen knives made in Reno, Nevada.
Sale price$189.00 Regular price$270.00
Town Cutler 7.5" Chopper Chef Knife. Stainless steel blade with buckeye and black resin handle.Desert Dawn Chopper Knife by Town Cutler. Stainless steel blade and black and buckeye burl handle.
7.5" Chopper - eXo Blue
Sale price$220.00
Unique kitchen knife called the Chopper. 7.5" stainless steel blade and lux desert ironwood handle. Made by Town Cutler.
7.5" Chopper - Tahoe Bliss
Sale price$240.00
7.5" Chopper - Ag 47