Bread Knives

Enjoy perfect slices of bread

A bread knife has a long, straight, and serrated blade that is perfect for cutting clean slices of bread with soft or hard crust without crushing or compressing the interior.


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9" Bread knife by Town Cutler featuring the Desert Dawn handle made with live-edge Buckeye Burl and Nitro-V stainless steel blade.
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9" stainless steel Bread knife by Town Cutler featuring the Baja “Mexican Blanket Especial” unique handle. Handmade professional knives for chefs and foodies. Serrated bread knife with colorful handle and straight blade.
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Town Cutler Tahoe Bliss Offset Serrated Bread Knife. Nitro-V stainless steel blade with blue and buckeye burl handle.
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9" serrated bread knife made with stainless steel blade and ironwood wooden handle allowing plenty of knuckle space.
Sale price$240.00
9" Serrated Bread Kitchen Knife - Classic - Town Cutler
Sale price$370.00
9" Bread Knife - Ag 47
Sale price$230.00
9" Bread Knife - eXo Blue
Sale price$210.00
9" Bread - Damasteel Sparse Twist (608)9" Bread - Damasteel Sparse Twist (608)