Nakiri Knives

The ultimate vegetable knife.

A Japanese-style knife used for chopping vegetables.

Its straight blade edge and squared-off tip make it well-suited to cutting all the way to the cutting board without the need for a horizontal pull or push. The thinner edge of our nakiri excels at precise, straight vegetable cuts. Despite its resemblance to a cleaver, it’s not intended for butchery or going through bones, but will quickly become your favorite veggie chopper.


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7" Nakiri knife by Town Cutler featuring the Desert Dawn handle made with live-edge Buckeye Burl and Nitro-V stainless steel blade.
Town Cutler Tahoe Bliss nakiri vegetable knife. Nitro-V stainless steel blade with blue and buckeye burl handle.
7" Nakiri - Ag 47
Sale price$230.00
7" Nakiri - eXo Blue
Sale price$210.00
7" Carbon Steel Nakiri Knife with Stonewash Finish Blade, Black Burlap Micarta Handle, Stainless Steel Bolster and Pommel by Town Cutler
Sale price$440.00