eXo Blue

Town Cutler eXo Blue 8.5" Chef Knife

High performance and effortless maintenance.

Introducing eXo Blue, a new collection of high-quality, American-made kitchen knives designed to offer superior durability and resilience without compromising on performance. These knives are perfect for everyday cooking and frequent use, thanks to their modern features and hassle-free maintenance.


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3" Paring Knife - eXo Blue
Sale price$110.00
6" Utility Knife - eXo Blue
6" Curved Boning Knife - eXo Blue
6" Straight Boning Knife - eXo Blue
7" Nakiri - eXo Blue
Sale price$210.00
7.5" Chopper - eXo Blue
Sale price$220.00
7" Chef Knife - eXo Blue
Sale price$200.00
8.5" Chef Knife - eXo Blue
Sale price$220.00
9" Bread Knife - eXo Blue
Sale price$210.00
10" Slicer - eXo Blue
Sale price$260.00
11" Scimitar - eXo Blue
Sale price$270.00
eXo Blue - Steak KnivesTown Cutler eXo Blue Steak Knife shown with Walnut storage box for set of four steak knives.
Town Cutler eXo Blue Angler Knife Set with curved boning knife and carving slicer knife.
Sale price$440.00
Town Cutler eXo Blue 2 piece Butcher Knife Set with Straight Boning Knife and Carving Slicer Knife.
Commis Knife Set - eXo Blue
Sale price$370.00
Entremet Knife Set - eXo Blue
Sous Chef Knife Set - eXo Blue
The Essentials Knife Set - eXo Blue
Sold out
Oyster Shucker - eXo BlueDetail photo of Town Cutler eXo Blue Oyster Shuckers.
eXo Blue paring saya knife cover cherrywood with grey detail. eXo Blue utility saya knife cover cherrywood with grey detail.
Sale priceFrom $34.00