Town Cutler Knives

We make handmade professional-grade cutlery for people with a passion for cooking and an appreciation of enduring handmade goods. Using quality stainless steel and unique handle materials, we create kitchen knives designed after many years of working in professional kitchens and a life-long love of knives.  

We will be happy to discuss knife care and maintenance, if you should be oiling your knives, which knife shapes you may need to start building or round out your kitchen knife set, and we provide free lifetime sharpening of Town Cutler knives. Our knife shop in Reno, Nevada is where our high-end culinary knives are handcrafted using premium techniques and materials.

A cutlery shop and chef store, we also offer palette knives, oyster shuckers, vintage spoons for plating and quenelles, and more. Get the type of kitchen knives you'll always love to cook with and the kitchen tools to increase your cooking skills.