Town Cutler Knife Guide Shapes and Use

Town Cutler Knife Shapes and Uses

Town Cutler specializes in carbon and stainless steel professional grade culinary knives, which we hand make in Reno, NV.

Every blade is precisely heat-treated at the Town Cutler Warehouse. All knives have a nickel silver bolster, making for an incredibly balanced and center-weighted knife. We offer most knives in our original or pommel style handles, with two different compression pining styles, brass loveless fasteners or nickel silver frame. All natural wood handles have been stabilized for added durability and protection from warping, cracking, and exposure to water. Town Cutler made knives receive free lifetime sharpening. Please contact the shop for custom or large orders.

We currently make knives in the following styles:

3" Paring

The unique handle shape on our paring knife is designed to be gripped and rolled around in the palm of your hand, giving the user more control during all things paring — peeling, shaping, turning, trimming. The drop point tip allows for fine precision work, and the heel of the blade is angled and set forward for better clearance.

6" Hankotsu

An American made Hankotsu, this is our interpretation of the Japanese butcher knife, which is excellent for whole animal butchery, especially deboning and trimming. This blade's initial beveling is 90/10 for the purpose of cutting protein away from the bone with more accuracy. We’ve redesigned the handle, emphasizing the hook at the bottom for better control and a more secure grip. It is uniquely designed to be grasped in two ways, allowing for an additional top handed dagger style grip for cuts requiring more of a pulling and stabbing action. The clean and sleek profile of this knife makes it feel like an extension of your arm.

* Our standard hankotsu knives are meant for right-handed use, but custom orders are available for left-handed users. Please specify with your order.

6" Honesuki

A Japanese-style boning knife traditionally used for poultry. While maintaining a traditionally stiff and triangular shape, our knife has a wider and taller profile for knuckle clearance from tip to heel of the blade. This blade's initial beveling is 90/10 for the purpose of trimming protein away from the bone with more accuracy, and the drop point is excellent for going through joints.

*Our standard honesuki knives are meant for right-handed use, but custom orders are available for left-handed users. Please specify with your order.

6" Utility

Our second most popular knife, utility knives are versatile and perfect for everyday tasks. By giving our blade shape a higher profile, users have more knuckle clearance from tip to heal, enabling this knife to be used for a wider variety of purposes. With one of our thinnest blades, our utility knives are also great for more controlled precision cutting.  

8.75" Fillet

Our most flexible blade has a thin and curved profile for less resistance while passing through protein and skin. A thicker heel additionally aids in pushing through the stronger neck bones of fish. An eyelet on the handle allows the knife to be hung up.

7" and 8.5" Chef

Our most popular knife -- the Town Cutler chef perfectly balances thinness and precision, with durability and strength. This is a truly all-purpose culinary knife, appealing to admirers of both Japanese and Western styles. Excellent for all types of cuts and product. One of the best center-weighted, precise, and durable chef knives.

* We also make a 10" chef knife available by custom order.

5", 7”, and 9” Cleavers

Inspired by antique cleavers, this is one tough and heavy knife that will get you through any serious butcher job. 

10" Slicer

A long narrow blade ideal for slicing proteins in a clean and fluid motion. The unique drop-point tip helps guide the protein away from the bone and can be used for scoring. Available in stiff and flexible versions.