Entremet Knife Set - Baja

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The Entremet knife set is geared toward vegetable prep like paring/peeling, deseeding, slicing, hulling, and chopping. The paring knife for paring or peeling, hulling, deseeding, and shaping. Use the Nakiri to chop through bell peppers, a head of lettuce, cauliflower, and more without having to rock the knife front and back to ensure a clean cut. The length of the straight-edge blade goes all the way to the cutting board.

Knives Included: 3" Paring7" Nakiri

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Baja Entremet Knife Set with two stainless steel kitchen knives made by Town Cutler. 3" Paring knife and 7" Nakiri  knife with colorful Mexican blanket pattern handles.

Entremet Knife Set - Baja

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Knife Details

Steel: Nitro-V Stainless Steel

Handle Material: Mexican Blanket Especial (G.L. Hansen & Sons) with black G-10 pins

Rockwell: 61

Collection: Baja

About the collection:
Bold and dynamic culinary knives, for the ones that adventure outside the kitchen. A minimalist handle shape contrasts with a colorful aesthetic, enhancing the blade's bold contours for a look as vibrant as your adventures.

Knife Care

Following proper care and maintenance will help prolong the life of your knife and ensure excellent performance.

  • Always keep your knife dry and clean!
  • Hand wash with warm soapy water. No abrasive sponges.
  • Never put your knife in the dishwasher or leave it soaking in water.
  • Dry your knife completely using an absorbent towel. We find paper towels work the best.

Important Information: All stainless steel contains some level of carbon, which is important for sharpness and performance. Because of this, light hueing can develop on stainless steel if not cleaned and dried properly.


A sharp knife is always safer than a dull knife.

When when your knife starts to feel dull, its time to have it sharpened. Learn more about knife sharpening for Town Cutler knives.

Customer Reviews

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Jeffrey C. (Rochester, NY, US)
Best I’ve ever owned!

Cut and slice like a dream, and they clean up very easily.