Untamed elegance. Rugged yet sophisticated.

Showcasing the beauty found in harsh, rugged conditions, the Olneya collection spotlights the dense, heavy wood of the Desert Ironwood tree. 

Olneya spotlights the dense wood of the desert ironwood tree. From this twisting tree, we’ve given the handles a lean and smooth shape, with a flat taper toward the center grip-point of the knife, and a broad oval base complemented by a carbon fiber inlay pin and G10 liner. With lustrous hues of rich brown and gold, chatoyancy in the wood develops from the tree's exposure to the stresses of its arid and torrid environment. Sleek Nitro-V stainless steel blades are durable with long-lasting edge retention. Olneya’s subtle details make it an instant favorite.

With respect for the austere and mysterious wilderness where the desert ironwood tree grows, an ironwood branch silhouette is engraved on the backside of every Olneya blade.