Palette Knife - Offset - Natural Canvas Micarta

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Town Cutler Offset Palette Knives are an essential kitchen tool perfect for all sorts of uses in the kitchen.

This kitchen utensil has a broad, flat flexible blade made from stainless steel and a linear handle shape secured with loveless bolts for added structure and durability. A handy culinary tool with many uses, our Offset Palette knife is the kitchen utensil you can't live without.

Use an offset palette knife, also called an offset spatula, to plate food, spread purées, cut foie gras, separate liquids from solids, and lift and flip food while cooking. Palette knives have endless uses for baking and in the pastry department, they are perfect for frosting, icing, smoothing, working with delicate pastries and food, and removing the last bits of food from bowls.

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Steel: Stainless Spring Steel

Handle Material: Natural Canvas Micarta

Pins: Stainless Steel Loveless Bolts

Blade Length: 4 in

Overall Length: 8 in

Care & Use

Care & Use

Wash by hand and dry thoroughly after cleaning.

Do not leave soaking in water or liquid.

Sanitizers and harsh cleaners can corrode steel.

Use of excessive pressure or tension can lead to damage.