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A full tang stainless-steel oyster shucker that combines the durability and finesse needed for oyster shucking.

Our handmade oyster shucker features hard-angle beveling on the top of the blade that gradually comes to a fine, but rounded tip. The pointed tip helps with the initial separation, while the apex of the two bevels provides a point of leverage to pry open the shell with ease. The flat bottom side of the knife allows the blade to smoothly slide into the shell and gently release the delicate oyster meat.

Also referred to as an "oyster knife" or "shucking knife", they are designed for the tip to be inserted near the hinge of the two shells and the blade bevel to help pry the hinge open while twisting.

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Stainless steel oyster shucker knife by Town Cutler featuring Olneya Desert Ironwood handle.

Oyster Shucker - Olneya


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Customer Reviews

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Anonymous (Santee, CA, US)
My thoughts after just 6 oysters

I can't speak on this too much. I've only shucked half a dozen oysters so far. And I didn't get to do them in what I'd call my "normal environment" so I probably would have struggled regardless. From what I experienced so far, I can say that this knife is plenty sharp and honestly scary to shuck with. But it's new to me and I need to learn how I use it. It's substantially longer than my normal knife, hence the learning curve. I'm sure after another few dozen oysters, I'll get the hang of it and it'll absolutely be my go to.

Unrelated, everyone that I've shown this knife to have all said that it's beautiful and a nice piece. I absolutely agree with them.

Creston W. (Olympia, WA, US)
Exactly what I was hoping for

I use it shucking full time at an oyster bar in the PNW. Love the length for versatility and the sharpness for ease. Definitely took some practice to get used to the very sharp point but it's also easy to round if you choose.


The best made oyster knife for that price and looks cool too