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Town Cutler's Metallurgy Carbon vs stainless steel

Carbon v Stainless Steel - Town Cutler's Metallurgy

Town Cutler discusses metallurgy and explores the Carbon vs Stainless Steel conversation from a technical level. We discuss what elements make up the steel we use, explore our heat treating process...

52100Carbon v Steel: Applications, when, and which to use.

Carbon v Stainless Steel - Applications and When to Use Which

A sharp knife will cut and get the job done whether it is carbon or stainless, so why does it matter which one you use and when?

carbon steelCarbon v Stainless Steel Which Steel is Right for Me? Town Cutler

Carbon v Stainless Steel - Which is Right for Me?

We're here to alleviate some of that uncertainty when it comes to deciding between carbon and stainless steel knives.