Town Cutler Tool Wrap

  • Our wrap made specifically for tools has nine pockets of varying sizes to store smaller items, such as palette and paring knives, spoons, tweezers, scissors, and writing utensils. Made from the same durable waxed canvas that we use for our knife rolls and wraps. A black leather flap folds over the tools for extra protection, and a leather cord secures the wrap closed. Town Cutler tool wraps are also great for bartenders, hairstylists, and a variety of artists and artisans.

    Please note that the tool wraps are made for just that –- tools.

    Good to store: tools, spoons, palette knives, paring knives and most standard santoku knives

    Not good to store: chef knives, slicers, cleavers, larger tools, etc.

    Unsure about size? We suggest measuring the items that you would like to store to ensure a good fit.