5 Slot Knife Wrap

$70.00 USD

  • A pared-down knife wrap for when you need just the essentials. Designed with professional cooks in mind the five-slot knife wrap is perfect for bringing your kit along on a culinary stage. A slim, compact, and with easy accessibility. Throw it in a backpack when traveling or on the move. Not just for professionals, but for anyone looking to store or travel with a trimmed down set of essential knives and tools.

    Handmade from 100% cotton waxed canvas, the our wrap is easy to clean and hard to cut. There are five slots of variable sizes to store your knives and tools. The slotted pockets are intended to hold the handle of the knives, and a black leather flap folds over the blades for protection. Each bag has a leather cable that wraps around the roll twice and ties off on itself to close.

    Knives with a longer blade, such as a slicer, will not fit in the 5-slot warp. Please review the dimensions of the wrap before purchase.