The Luxe Chefs Apron - Tilit

FULL COVERAGE CANVAS APRONS. Our widest and longest framed chef apron. Made of 12oz. American milled canvas, with an adjustable full leather neck strap, 40" wide x 40" length body and detailed chest and hip pockets, this LUXE Apron is the grand daddy of chef aprons.  



  • Detachable Leather Neck Strap
  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine Washable
  • Washable Wax Finish


1. Wash: Cold water and low heat dry works best.
2. No bleach! No really. Please don't bleach the aprons. 
3. Pro tip: Tie your waist straps together in a loose knot. They won't get caught in the machine.
4. What about leather?
5. Always remove leather before washing.