Ripstop Bib Chefs Apron - Tilit

A LARGE BODY CHEF'S APRON WITH POCKETS. These aprons are made of 100% cotton duck canvas with a polyester ripstop pocket at the chest. The chest pocket has side entry and snap closure making for the perfect place to store a notepad or phone. An easy access top pen slot can hold sharpie, cake tester, thermometer or pen. Made in USA.


  • Neck Strap
  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine Washable


1. Wash: Cold water and low heat dry works best.
2. No bleach! No really. Please don't bleach the aprons. 
3. Pro tip: Tie your waist straps together in a loose knot. They won't get caught in the machine.
4. What about leather?
5. Always remove leather before washing. 


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