Masakage Yuki Sujihiki 270mm

A Japanese slicer with a long narrow blade that allows smooth single cuts running from heel to tip of the blade. Use it for trimming fat from proteins, carving, slicing, and filleting.

*Masakage knives are handcrafted and will vary in length by a few millimeters. 


Shirogami #2 Carbon Steel with Stainless Steel Cladding

Handle Oval Magnolia Wood handle with Dyed Red Pakka Ferrule
Edge 50/50
HRc 62-63
Blacksmith Hiroshi Kato san
Takefu Village, Echizen, Japan

The Masakage Yuki Collection is handmade by Hiroshi Kato san , who has over 50 years of knife making experience.

The collection name is derived from the nashiji finish on the blade, which is reminiscent of snow, or Yuki in Japanese. The blade core is forged from Shirogami #2 (white #2) carbon steel and has stainless steel cladding. The blade edge gives the user many of the benefits of carbon steel, such as being easy to sharpen, having good edge retention, and a smooth performance, while the stainless steel cladding offers protection to the face of at the blade. Because the core steel of this knife is carbon steel, it is important to follow proper knife care for carbon steel blades, so that a proper patina forms and the edge does not rust.

With a 50/50 edge bevel and oval handle these knives are good for both left- and right-handed users. These knives have a magnolia wood handle and red dyed pakka wood ferrule, giving them a light feel and modern look.


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