Masakage Mizu Gyuto 210mm

The gyuto most closely resembles the Western chef knife. An all purpose knife that is essential in the kitchen. Capable of handling a variety of product, such as meat, fish, and veggies. The blade shape allows a variety of different cutting techniques to be used, including rocking style cuts, chopping, and slicing, with a pointed tip for fine precision work.

*Masakage knives are handcrafted and will vary in length by a few millimeters. 


Aogami #2 Carbon Steel 

Handle Oval Cherry Wood Handle with Marbled Resin Ferrule
Edge 50/50
HRc 62-64
Blacksmith Katsushige Anryu san

The Masakage Mizu Collection is handmade by Katsushige Anryu san, who is a fourth generation knife maker with over 50 years of blacksmithing experience.

The blue/black kurochi finish on the blades, evoke the impression of cold, deep water, hence the collection's name Mizu (water in Japanese). The blades are forged from Aogami #2 carbon steel (blue), which is an excellent steel that is capable of achieving an extremely sharp and thin edge, while maintaining its durability when properly forged. Proper knife care for carbon steel blades should be followed with this knife to ensure a proper patina forms and that the blade does not rust.

With a 50/50 edge bevel and oval handle these knives are good for both left- and right-handed users. These knives have a cherry wood handle and a marbled resin ferrule. The Mizu Collection offers users an Aogami #2 carbon steel knife, at an extremely affordable price for a coveted steel.

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