Hedley & Bennett Alder Apron

From Hedley & Bennett

"Made with a lightweight 7.5oz twill, this is H&B's first ever camo apron! We've added slanted pockets and a slanted chest pocket to make for a quick draw. Inspired by Alder, a wood commonly used for smoking, we used a smoky palette of black & gunmetal grey for the details. #totalbadass
Tested against wine, ketchup, cooking oil, and dirt. Alder hides stains well and washes with minimal wrinkles and shrinkage."


  • 7.5 oz Black Chino Twill
  • Angled Single Pen Pocket
  • Two-Tone Straps
  • Black Ampersand
  • Matte Black Hardware
  • Angled Top Square Pockets
  • Waist Straps: 42"


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