6" Hankotsu - Pogonip

  • Our interpretation of the Japanese butcher knife is excellent for whole animal butchery, especially deboning and trimming. Its 50/50 chisel-grind blade bevel cuts protein away from the bone with high accuracy, and the handle's emphasized hook provides for a more secure grip and control. Our hankotsu allows for a traditional downward/standard or reverse/dagger grip. With its clean and sleek profile, it is uniquely made to feel like a natural extension of your arm.

    For our limited-edition line of carbon steel knives, we've blanketed our blades in a forced patina, much like the frozen fog envelopes the landscape during a pogonip. The layered denim G-Carta handles feature condensed rolling waves of crystalline white that run throughout the dark handle. A pogonip is a rare marvel that is as dangerous as it is striking in its unconventional beauty.

    This knife is made to order and will ship in approximately 2-3 weeks.