5.5" Utility - Cottonwood Burl with Pommel - 52100 Carbon Steel

Our second most popular knife, utility knives are versatile and perfect for everyday tasks. By giving our blade shape a higher profile, users have more knuckle clearance from tip to heal, enabling this knife to be used for a wider variety of purposes. With one of our thinnest blades, our utility knives are also great for more controlled precision cutting. 

Town Cutler knives are handmade in our San Francisco location.  Each knife is ground to perfection and finished to a mirror shine. The 52100 carbon steel has been heat treated to 63 Rockwell and cryogenically frozen to ensure a fine edge that holds it's sharpness.  

Keep this knife dry and clean.  Oil with camellia oil after washing or rinsing with warm water. A 2 oz bottle of camellia oil is provided with all Town Cutler carbon steel knives to get you started on proper knife care.

Additional Information


52100 Carbon Steel with Mirror Finish


Cottonwood with Nickel Silver Bolster and Pommel


Brass Loveless

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