3" Paring Knives - 52100 Carbon Steel

The unique handle shape on our paring knife is designed to be gripped and rolled around in the palm of your hand, giving the user more control during all things paring —peeling, shaping, turning, trimming, etc. The drop point tip allows for fine precision work, and the heel of the blade is angled and set forward for better clearance

Town Cutler knives are handmade in our San Francisco location.  Each knife is ground to perfection and finished to a mirror shine. The 52100 carbon steel has been heat treated to 63 Rockwell and cryogenically frozen to ensure a fine edge that holds it's sharpness.  

Keep this knife dry and clean.  Oil with camellia oil after washing or rinsing with warm water. A 2 oz bottle of camellia oil is provided with all Town Cutler carbon steel knives to get you started on proper knife care.

High carbon steel is very reactive! Make sure to read our steel and care and maintenance guides before purchasing a carbon steel knife.

The mirror finish on this knife will change over time, developing a patina. If you are wanting the mirror finish to remain, this is not the steel type for you. We apply this finish, so that the patina forms evenly over time. A solid patina will protect your carbon steel knife.

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52100 Carbon Steel w/ Mirror Finish


Stabilized wood and Nickel Silver Bolster


Brass Loveless Fasteners or Nickel Silver Frame Pins

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