Waxed Canvas Care Guide

Waxed Canvas Care Guide for Knife Rolls and Wraps


Care Instructions for Waxed Canvas Rolls and Wraps

Brush off any dust, dirt, or debris. Spot clean with a warm damp cloth. Do not machine wash, dry clean, or use detergents. The wax coating serves as a natural protective barrier, and improper washing will strip the coating from the canvas.

Similar to a carbon steel knife, your waxed canvas chef gear will patina over time, developing a unique set of characteristics that are intrinsic to the product's materials and intended use. We craft our products with materials that are meant to last and mature, getting better with age and proper care. To remove any unwanted marks, such as folds and scratches, use a blow dryer on low heat to reactivate the wax coating and gently rub the marks away. Allow time to cool. A more thorough refinishing of your waxed canvas bag can be done about once a year, using Martexin Original Wax Refinishing Compound.


Refinishing your Town Cutler Waxed Canvas Products

Touch up your Town Cutler waxed canvas wraps and rolls with Martexin Original Wax Refinishing Compound. The same manufacturer makes the refinishing compound as our waxed canvas, Martin Dying & Finishing Company, who has been in business since 1838.

Waxed canvas is extremely durable, favored for years as a military and outdoors textile. Occasional touch-ups and re-application of the original Martexin wax formula will further extend the life of your product, keeping your bag protected and looking sharp.

For touch-ups, use a rag to wipe a small amount of wax, in a thin and smooth layer, onto any bare areas of the bag. Apply a minimal amount of heat with a blow dryer, using broad strokes to warm the wax and letting it melt into the fabric. Allow time to cool. We recommend reproofing your bag about once a year, depending on use, and doing touch-ups as needed. Start with a small amount of wax, being careful not to overdo it. A little wax will go a long way.