Vintage Spoons

$9.00 USD

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We carry a diverse selection of antique and vintage spoons, selected specifically for chefs and cooks. We look for spoons that are excellent for saucing, plating, and quenelles. Spoons have endless uses in the kitchen and are an easy way to add some uniqueness to your chef kit. Selection includes perforated/slotted, serving/tablespoon, oval/soup, and teaspoon. 

Please read our notes on ordering spoons online.

Important notes for ordering spoons:

  1. NO special requests.
  2. We choose the lot of spoons for you.
  3. No guarantee on monogram.
  4. No guarantee on duplicates.
  5. These are just examples of what we have. We have hundreds of vintage spoons that are all different styles. Our collection is always growing and changing.
  6. Our spoons have deep bowls and pointy tips.
  7. NO returns on spoons.
  8. We will do our best to pick you a great collection.
  9. Price is per spoon.
  10. They are just spoons.

Suggested Use

Serving/Tablespoons: Perfect for plating, saucing, and quenelles.

Oval/Soup Spoons: Plating, saucing, and tasting. 

Teaspoons: Tasting, plating, and portioning.

Perforated/Slotted: Serving and straining.

Please select all options.