Toothache Magazine - Issue 5


This is the fifth issue of Toothache magazine. 

"This is a small self-published magazine, originally conceived after dinner services with industry friends, primarily during last call at dive bars. Often times, food media is produced by people who do not live and breathe kitchen life. Usually, it’s comprised of lengthy articles, a few pictures and a recipe in cups and tablespoons. Which makes sense, because they’re generally not writing for us, but instead writing for home cooks or “foodies”. This magazine’s goal, however, is to give ourselves a little bit of the media power back; to produce a magazine that a chef or cook would actually want to read.

As always, I would like to empower chefs to share whatever they’d like. My hope is that this magazine continues to evolve and grow into something new and unique; A platform for chefs to inspire one another, and if possible, to open the conversation up about important topics. Some chefs spoke about creativity, influences, and tradition. Some chefs wrote about managing their restaurants, and others talked about their plans and dreams for the future.

Toothache magazine is for chefs, by chefs. I hope you enjoy it."