8.25" Chef - Octagon - Town Cutler Handmade

  • The Octagon line, Town Cutler's newest collection of knives, are made for cooks wanting a carbon steel knife that is high performing and easy to care for, with a restrained and understated appearance. This Japanese influenced contemporary line, features our thinnest blades yet for exacting cuts and a drop-point tip for precision work. The blades, made from 1095 carbon steel, are easy to sharpen and capable of achieving and maintaining a very fine edge. The dark finish on the blades is a result of a controlled patina, which means that the steel is already in the process of aging and requires slightly less diligent initial care and no break-in period. The octagon shaped handles are handmade from ziricote and Bubinga woods, with an ebony ferrule.

    High carbon steel is reactive! Make sure to read our steel and care guides for this knife before purchasing and follow carbon steel care guidelines to prevent rust and ensure peak performance.

    Returning February 2019!

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