Commis Kit - Leather Culinary Tool Storage

  • Introducing the newest addition to the Town Cutler chef gear line-up - the Commis Kit. A leather tool pouch to store your chef tools - spoons, palette knives, tweezers, scissors, small knives, pens, and more!

    The Commis Kit is similar in concept to our tool wraps, but with far more storage and style. It folds up neatly into a compact pouch and unfolds to access and store your culinary tools. Or keep it buttoned-up and use the exterior zippered pocket to reach for your stash of pens and spoons. Constructed from soft, durable “biker” leather and heavy-duty hardware. Multi-direction pockets give the ability to overlap your tools. 2 shallow leather catchalls add extra security to hold in pens and small tools.

    The Commis Kit is a great assistant to your main Town Cutler chef gear and a favorite among bartenders, hairstylists, and a variety of other artists and artisans.

    Please note that the Commis Kit is primarily designed for tool storage and is not suitable to store larger knives (i.e., chef knives).

    Good to store: tools, spoons, palette knives, paring knives and most standard santoku knives

    Not good to store: chef knives, slicers, cleavers, larger tools, etc.

    Unsure about size? We suggest measuring the items that you would like to store to ensure a good fit.


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