8.5" Chef Knife - Damasteel Björkmans Twist - Purple Box Elder Handle

$1,000.00 USD

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An 8.5" Chef Knife featuring Björkmans Twist™ by Damasteel®. This beautiful blade steel combines amazing strength and toughness with corrosion resistance and excellent edge retention. The handle is made of box elder burl dyed purple and black G10 spacers and liner for added dimension. Shaped to provide a comfortable grip.

Made by Austin Hendricks of Town Cutler. Damasteel Stainless Damascus Patterned Steel is considered by many to be some of the best steel in the world.


Blade Length: 8.5 in

Steel: Björkmans Twist™ by Damasteel®

Handle Material: Box elder burl dyed purple with black G10 spacers and liner

Rockwell: 64


Read our steel and care guides to learn how to care for your knife.

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