Entremet Knife Set - Baja

$297.50 USD

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The Entremet knife set is geared toward vegetable prep like paring/peeling, deseeding, slicing, hulling, and chopping. The paring knife for paring or peeling, hulling, deseeding, and shaping. Use the Chopper for straight cuts vegetable cuts where the added blade height really comes in handy. The drop-point tip is great for precision work. 

  • Knives Included: 3" Paring, 7.5" Chopper
  • Steel: Nitro-V Stainless Steel
  • Handle:  Mexican Blanket Especial (G.L. Hansen & Sons) with black Micarta pins
  • Rockwell (HRC): 61

Read our steel and care guides to learn how to care for your knife.

Bold and dynamic culinary knives, for the ones that adventure outside the kitchen. A minimalist handle shape contrasts with a colorful aesthetic, for a look as vibrant as your adventures. The narrow blade profile leads to a pointed, thin tip along a straight spine. These knives excel at push-pull cuts, sliding through products with ease. Pair it with a bold saya to protect your blade, whether at home, on the road, or at the beach. Colorful aesthetic. Minimalist form. Dynamic yet simple.