10" Slicer - Baja

$220.00 USD

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A long, straight, and narrow blade ideal for slicing (or carving) proteins in one long fluid motion with little restriction. With a minimal amount of flexibility and a small heel, you'll be able to keep your blade straight and achieve flat and even cuts of protein.

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10" Slicer or carving stainless steel knife by Town Cutler featuring the Baja “Mexican Blanket Especial” handle. Handmade kitchen knife shown at an angle to show how the cool colorful knife handle lines up on both sides.

Product Details

Blade Length: 10 in

Overall Length: 15 in

Steel: Nitro-V Stainless Steel

Handle Material: Mexican Blanket Especial (G.L. Hansen & Sons) with black G-10 pins

Rockwell: 61

Weight: 5 oz

Spine Thickness: 0.100"

Blade Height at Heel: 1.4"

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